Our Plants

Our plants are available most of the year as plugs (left) and half-litre (square 9cm) pots (right)


Our plugs are generally sold in trays of 52 or 104 as either single species or a mixed pack. Our plugs are generally bigger than most that you may have seen and are commonly referred to as "jumbo plugs". The industry standard is the smaller 27cc plug.


Our pots are a full half-litre in volume and have a 9cm x 9cm square profile. We can and do grow larger containers to order, please contact us to discuss your sizing requirements.

Wildflower Selections

Carefully Designed Mixes

Each of our mixes have been designed so you do not need to worry about species choices. For each habitat, soil type  or application we have selected the most optimal plants. Our mixed trays MT1 - MT51 are now often specified at the planning stage by landscape architects.

Custom Mixes

Sometimes you need a specialty mix for your project. Whether is a local flora, BREEAM or design reason we can help. No matter if it is for 10 square metres or an acre - contact us.

Single Species

The most economical way of buying plugs is by the tray. Each plug tray hold 104 plugs (13 lines of 8) and we offer quanity discounts on large orders. Please contact us for a quote.

Compost and Pest Control

We were one of the first growers to switch to using peat-free compost back in 1987. We now use a custom mix that we have made to our specifications. We avoid using chemicals on our crop and use biological control methods including nematodes, mites and parasitic wasps to keep aphids, scariad flies and vine weavil under control.

Contract Growing

Each year we contract grow thousands of plants in addition to our normal stock needs. Contract growing has added advantages as we can often either use your own seed and grow into your specified sizes.


Left: We grew thousands of plants in 7cm pots for the 2012 London Olympic Games Athletes Village plantings.

Advice From Experts

  • Linda Laxton

    Linda started the business 27 years ago and is one of the most knowledgable wildflower experts in the world.

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